This week, the Reimagine New York Commission — a group of 16 leaders convened by the State of New York and chaired by Schmidt Futures Co-Founder Eric Schmidt — released its final report, Action Plan for a Reimagined New York.

Eric Braverman, CEO of Schmidt Futures, and Max Stier, president and CEO of Partnership for Public Service

This op-ed was originally published on on December 29, 2020.

Eric Braverman, CEO of Schmidt Futures, and Elizabeth Kiss, CEO and Warden of the Rhodes Trust

It’s been an exciting month for us at Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust. Together, we launched Rise — a flagship effort to find the world’s most extraordinary young people while still in secondary school, connect them in a global community, and provide them with lifelong resources to use their talents for good together with others who can help. Rise is our second effort together, building on our Schmidt Science Fellows program, and has begun worldwide in collaboration with dozens of partners on six continents.

Schmidt Futures

Betting early on exceptional people making the world better;

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